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We are outraged that girls around the world face injustices that threaten their education, safety and ultimately their lives. Together with adolescent girls and supporters like you, we're working to end child marriage, human trafficking and other injustices preventing youth, especially girls, from growing into their potential.

COVID-19 update: The fight for gender equality cannot take a backseat right now. Girls who were already vulnerable are in even more danger. When schools close their doors, girls are at the highest risk of never going back again. When health care resources are diverted, girls lose crucial services. And in times of crisis, like this pandemic, harmful practices like child marriage, trafficking and gender-based violence dramatically escalate.

We aren’t giving up, and we know you aren’t either. We’ll be here, every day, making sure girls are safe and healthy and that their futures aren’t compromised. But we really can’t do this without you.

What does the fight for gender equality really look like?

Meet Tejitu. She was only 14 when her world was turned upside down. Because that's when she found out her parents were planning her wedding, to a man nearly twice her age.

Tejitu understood the dangers of child marriage. She was a member of Plan's Girls Advocacy Alliance in Ethiopia, where she learned that it wasn't just a violation of her rights — it could literally kill her.

So, she took matters into her own hands. Tejitu went to the anti-child marriage taskforce in her community, and together, they confronted her parents. "I told my parents I could die if I get pregnant because my body isn’t developed enough."

It wasn't easy, but they finally agreed to call off the wedding. Now, Tejitu dreams of becoming a doctor. Whatever her next step may be, it will be HER decision, and that makes a world of difference.

21.6 million girls girls benefited from Plan programs last year.
That includes over 4.5 million girls who now have better access to education
and 6.2 million girls with improved access to quality reproductive health services.


2022 Budget
72%Program Spend
15%Management Spend
13%Fundraising Spend


Gender & Youth Equality

You support projects working to end child marriage, human trafficking and other gender-related injustices, while empowering youth by giving them a voice.

Humanitarian Response

You protect the most vulnerable — girls — in times of conflict, providing education, safe spaces and resilience through the toughest of circumstances.


When a girl has an education, she can create the future she truly wants, and uplift everyone around her. You help to provide equal access to quality education for all children, while supporting school sanitation and early childhood development initiatives.

Sponsor a Child

As a child sponsor, you can develop a meaningful bond with a brave child, while catalyzing serious change. Community-led projects in your sponsored child's community and country address the root causes of poverty, working to end harmful practices, like child marriage and trafficking, and challenging gender norms. Together, we're providing support and resources unique to their needs, and the needs of their communities, to ensure they achieve their full potential with dignity, opportunity and safety.

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