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D-Rev is a nonprofit portfolio medical device company that designs market-driven health solutions to ensure access to world-class, affordable products for the people who need them most. We find the most critical health care issues disproportionately impacting the world's poor and most vulnerable and design cost-effective, culturally-appropriate solutions to close the gaps in quality healthcare.

We believe that our user-centric model to design and deliver solutions via the market has the potential to solve critical health problems – for good. By providing services in low-income markets that traditional medical device companies overlook, we expand addressable markets for the industry. We push companies to compete with D-Rev by bringing down their prices while maintaining quality – resulting in greater choice for purchasers and better care for patients.

Imagine you are in a maternity ward looking down at a row of babies born in the last several hours. As you scan the swaddled bundles sleeping soundly in their incubators, a much, much tinier baby catches your eye.

It is a little girl born prematurely. Weighing no more than a few pounds, her jaundice is so severe that the attending pediatrician recommends she receive an exchange transfusion. It is a delicate and lengthy process that can only be done at another hospital. That hospital is at capacity, however, and cannot admit the baby for treatment. If her jaundice is left un-treated, or is ineffectively treated, the baby girl will have severe brain damage or die.

This is exactly the situation that one of D-Rev’s most active supporters, Bonnie Weiss, Co-Founder & Trustee of Child Relief International, observed while visiting the University Teaching Hospital of Kigali (CHUK), where five D-Rev Brilliance phototherapy devices had been installed the previous year.

Bonnie left that day not knowing if the baby had survived. Several months later, she still could not stop thinking and wondering about that baby. So, we contacted CHUK, to get the rest of the story.

Unable to refer the baby for an exchange transfusion, the clinical staff at CHUK used two Brilliance devices to treat the baby instead. It improved her condition so effectively that an exchange transfusion became unnecessary, alleviating the need for the baby to be transferred to another hospital.

Not only did the use of Brilliance help save the life of this baby girl, it was effective in treating her right where she was, allowing the staff at the other referral hospital to focus on patients with even more critical care needs. This two-pronged benefit is the outcome that D-Rev designs for, not only in Brilliance, but in all our medical solutions.

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