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The mission of Save the Water™ is to conduct water research to identify and remove the harmful contaminants in water, to improve the quality of drinking water, and to raise public awareness about water contamination and its health impact.

Our vision is to achieve contamination-free healthy water for all. We want to ensure all communities have access to clean, healthy water and to protect the supply so it stays clean for generations to come.

Our focus:

RESEARCH - to identify and remove toxic chemicals in water.

IMPLEMENT - sustainable long-term water treatment projects.

EDUCATE - young minds through STEM and Day in the Life of a Scientist (DILOS™) programs.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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In the late 1990s, our co-founder Frank Ramos came across information about cancer-causing chemicals in whales and dolphins. Specifically, he learned two facts: (1) whales and dolphins’ fat tissue contains 1,000 times more man-made, highly toxic chemicals (such as those found in rubber and plastics) than our human tissue; and (2) these creatures are collecting these chemicals through the water in which they live.

Frank and his dear friend Allan founded Save the Water™ in 1999. Together, they spent ten years researching water contamination in the U.S., its extent, and the critical need to solve the problem.

In July 2013, Save the Water™ suffered a devastating loss when Allan passed away after a long battle with cancer. Studies have shown that many many cancers are linked to environmental factors such as the water that we drink, including in the United States. Losing Allan reinforced the belief that we must take immediate actions to combat water pollution and continue our mission until we have achieved and sustained our vision: contamination-free, healthy water for all.

We believe that this future is within our grasp. But we need your help to achieve this goal for our children and future generations.

Americans drink 209MM glasses of unsafe drinking water everyday
22 Years
Founded in 1999, officially incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit in the year 2007. In the past 22 years, we have been the only nonprofit organization solely focused on water contamination research for contaminants of concern (CEC's)
We are a group of 101 professional, skills-based volunteers from 10 countries around the world united to advocate for, and to bring awareness to worldwide pollution issues through water science research and contamination removal
Virtual STEM classes for students
Teaching materials for STEM educators
Critical water research supplies


Build a Lab with us!

Our mission is to conduct water research to identify and remove the harmful contaminants in water, to improve the quality of drinking water, and to raise public awareness about water contamination and its health impact.

We need your help to build a research lab with the aim of identifying Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) in the Florida Everglades, an ecosystem that millions of lives depend on for water.

Proprietary Water Treatment Technologies

We have the ability to implement sustainable long-term water treatment projects.

We own the technology for mobile water treatment process that can produce 100 GPM of drinking water from any contaminated source such as a river, lake, or groundwater.

Day in the life of a Scientist (DILOS™) - Student Program

We are bringing the virtual DILOS™ program free of charge to schools and learners from all walks of life. We are looking to educate young minds through STEM and DILOS™ programs to increase public awareness of environmental issues and excite children to get involved in science.

During the inaugural Pilot program in 2012, we had 597 participants enrol. Over the years, we have worked with 6 schools and institutional partners to bring the program to students.

Starting in 2021, we are taking the DILOS™ program virtual! We are seeking to potentially impact 5000+ students positively in countries such as Guyana.

Day in the life of a Scientist (DILOS™) - Teacher Program

The DILOS™ program cannot be done without the support of amazing teachers. Therefore, we are also providing support and teaching materials for teachers and educators. Together, we can inspire youths to become future scientists.

The Teacher’s Program will give access to workshops that provide:

- Demonstrations on the dynamic usage of water science lesson plans and materials for active learning

- Techniques in creating relatable STEM discussions and activities, materials, and topics for students

- Live Q & A sessions to support STEM educators

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