League Of Women Voters Education Fund


Founded in 1920, six months before American women won the right to vote, the League of Women Voters continues to be a leading nonpartisan voice in the fight for democracy.

Women-led, with more than a million members and supporters and more than 750 state and local Leagues around the country, the League is a trusted, nonpartisan voice in elections and voting rights.

In 2020, LWV Education Fund educated more than 6 million voters with nonpartisan election information and tools to vote. In 2024, we are poised to educate and equip even more voters with your help!


2021 Budget
77%Program Spend
8%Management Spend
15%Fundraising Spend



VOTE411.org is every voter’s "one-stop-shop" for nonpartisan election information.

No other election information resource has the depth of nonpartisan content that VOTE411.org provides

every election cycle. VOTE411 is constantly updated with election changes throughout the year. From election rule changes to new candidates on the ballot to polling location changes, VOTE411 stays up to date so voters have the most current information to make their voting plan.

In the last four years, VOTE411 has reached over 13 million users. VOTE411 voter guides are customized to include the candidates and ballot issues that each voter will see on their unique ballot. This includes candidate responses to nonpartisan questions in their own words, creating transparency about what they stand for. In 2022, VOTE411 voter guides covered over 52,000 candidates.

Voter Registration

We launched our largest and most diverse voter registration program in 2022, focused on young people, newly naturalized citizens, and formerly and currently incarcerated people. The latter effort represented a new campaign to engage returning citizens.

Across the country, the League collectively registered more than 246,800 voters, reaching more than 259,000 additional people with voter registration information.

National Voter Registration Day: More than 600 League events took place on National Voter Registration Day alone, fueled by over 450 volunteer teams. Registration events took place at high schools, community colleges, naturalization ceremonies, libraries, festivals, farmers markets, and even food pantries. The League remains NVRD’s largest on-the-ground partner.

High School & Community College Program: Eighty-seven Leagues focused on registering high school and community college students, holding close to 1,000 events and registering almost 22,800 new young voters ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

Registering New Citizens: Voter registration also took place at 676 naturalization ceremonies attended by League members and volunteers throughout the year, registering nearly 35,400 new citizens.

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