Soldiers 6 Inc

Soldiers 6 Inc falls under the Support N.E.C. category: Organizations that provide all forms of support except for financial assistance or fund raising for other organizations within the Public, Society Benefit - Multipurpose and Other major group area.

Ed Abrahamson was an Army Veteran. He served in the Gulf War and was apart of the 82nd Airborne Division’s. When he left the military life, he traded one uniform for the next, and became a police officer in Minnesota. He was an officer for nearly 18 years. It was in the last few years of his career that his wife noticed unhealthy habits and trauma that he tried to bury for far too long. It was during this time, on a family trip to Disney, that he agreed with his wife that maybe a service dog would be good for him on the path of healing. Fast forward 6 months, and Ed had his 1st service dog, Rex. The Abrahamson’s are forever grateful to Rebuilding Warriors, for giving them this chance at a better life with Rex. A few short years in, Rex was ready to retire. Fantastic family dog, but he had enough of the outside world. That is where Dez entered the picture. Dez was training to be a police K9 with Ed’s brother in law, Mike. Dez was unable to meet the qualifications needed to be a police K9, but was a working dog. He was best suited for a service dog. Dez is doing amazing things for our heroes, community, and most importantly, his handler, Ed. This past fall of 2021, Ed’s brother in law Mike, was provided a once in a life time opportunity to hang up his duty belt, and jump in with the family organization and help run Soldiers 6. Mike is an asset in training and out reach in the community. We pride ourselves on a family run organization. Ed’s wife Dana and her sister Cassie are instrumental in the day to day “behind the scenes “ operation of Soldiers 6. Ed helps where needed between the recipients and community outreach. Sometimes just having that one person who knows because they have been in those shoes, makes Ed’s job unique and critical within the organization. He can relate to the heroes reaching out for help as we have been there. We have a large Christmas display out on every December, and that takes all hands on deck. Rudolph is Ed’s mother in law , when Santa is … well, Santa is Santa. We are raising our son to be the next VP, and a cousin who will help when the time is right. To date, we have placed nearly 75 dogs to qualified recipients, police, firefighters, correctional officers, paramedics, 911 dispatchers and military vets. They are our heroes who have taken care of us and protected us all, it is time we step in to help them. #evenheroesneedbackup

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