Social Butterfly

Reunite separated refugee and immigrant families using donated airline miles.

Sam is from West Africa, and fled to the US in fear for his life. His family stayed behind. Sam spent half a year in immigration detention in New Jersey, then finally won his case for asylum and applied to have his family join him. Thanks to a M44 donor and their miles, Sam was recently reunited with his family after over 500 days apart, and able to meet his 11 month old son for the first time.

1,000+ separated family members flown; Over 48 million miles donated; 500K+ in airline costs saved.
Taxes and fees for a refugee to be reunited with their family
Reunite a mother and child with their husband/father
Help fly a family of 4 to begin a new life in a safe new home


2022 Budget
98%Program Spend
2%Management Spend
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