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Colorectal Cancer Alliance Inc falls under the Health Support category: Organizations that provide equipment, services or other forms of support which are supplemental to the treatment or rehabilitation of people who have illnesses, injuries or disabilities; or which are instrumental in the prevention of illnesses, injuries or disabilities prior to their occurrence.

Washington, DC
EIN 86-0947831
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"As a caregiver for someone living with colorectal cancer, the hardest challenge is that throughout the rough days, there isn't a lot that you can do besides just being there. Knowing that you'd give ANYTHING to ease the pain and suffering of your loved one—and can't—is difficult. But, learning to lean on those around you, talking with those working through similar battles, and continuing the conversation to educate the public about taking symptoms seriously helped ease the feeling of not being able to take away the pain.

The awareness and education that the Colorectal Cancer Alliance provides in regard to the explosive growth of colorectal cancer in folks under 50—coupled with the dedication of the tight-knit colorectal cancer community—gives me hope that we truly can eliminate this disease in my lifetime." - Shannon T.

1 in 23
will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in their lifetime. We're working to change that.
of those diagnosed with colorectal cancer are under the age of 50.
of fatalities could have been prevented with proper and early detection.
management of a daily grief chat session
from six people provides a one-time grant for screening
a month keeps a helpline open for 8,000 monthly callers dealing with CRC.


2021 Budget
74%Program Spend
8%Management Spend
18%Fundraising Spend

Volunteering + Events

Participate in an Undy Run/Walk

The National Undy RunWalk is our signature fundraising event with the goal to provide support for those touched by colorectal cancer; to raise awareness of preventive measures; to fund critical research. Plus, who doesn't want to run in their undies?!

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Become a Volunteer

Join our #NationofAllies making a difference in the lives of those touched by this disease and spreading the life-saving message of prevention.

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