Street Medics Austin

Street Medics Austin (SMA) is a community-led, community-focused nonprofit organization committed to providing accessible medical care, education, and support to underserved communities and those who wish to peaceably assemble in the Austin area. We strive to achieve this mission by providing free and accessible medical training, in-person support for individuals engaged in first amendment protected activities, and emergency medical care to people in need.

On a bitterly cold evening, during a severe weather event that had left much of the city grappling with the elements, "Angela" found her way to a Street Medics Austin wound care clinic. The freezing temperatures were unforgiving, and the streets were littered with debris, including broken glass that had found its way under Angela's feet. Unable to verbalize her pain, Angela communicated her distress and the extent of her injuries through American Sign Language (ASL), which the SMA team understood and promptly responded to.

The medics at SMA were quick to assess Angela's situation. They discovered multiple cuts on her feet, a direct result of stepping on the scattered glass. With gentle care, they meticulously checked her feet for any remaining shards before proceeding to clean and dress her wounds. The team was thorough, ensuring that Angela would leave with not just immediate care but also with spare dressings to manage her wounds thereafter.

However, their concern didn't stop at just treating the visible injuries. Upon noticing that Angela's shoes and socks were soaked through—a situation that could exacerbate her condition in the cold weather—the SMA team went a step further. They managed to find a pair of new, dry shoes and socks for Angela, a simple yet impactful gesture that spoke volumes of their dedication to providing holistic care.

This act of kindness and professionalism significantly improved Angela's medical outcome. Not only were her immediate medical needs addressed, but she was also spared from the potential risks of hypothermia or infection that could have resulted from her wet footwear. Angela left the clinic that day with her physical wounds tended to, and perhaps more importantly, with her dignity and comfort preserved by the compassionate and adept care of the Street Medics Austin team. Through their actions, SMA underscored their commitment to serving the community, demonstrating that their mission extends beyond medical care to encompass warmth, empathy, and an understanding of the unique needs of each individual they serve.

Protests, marches, rallies, or cultural events supported in 2023
Students enrolled for a free first-aid, CPR, BLS or STOP THE BLEED® class in 2023
Free training events held in 2023
Certification costs and books for 1 CPR/BLS learner
One custom First Aid kit for a school-aged child
Water, snacks, and consumable medical supplies for one event


First Aid and Injury Reduction

We have attended well over 100 protests, demonstrations, marches, and community events around Austin and Central Texas. We provide first-aid, harm-reduction, and injury prevention techniques so that members of our community can exercise their 1st Amendment rights for as long as they wish to.

Free Training

As a volunteer organization, Street Medics Austin cannot always be there to provide support for those who need it. In 2023, we rolled-out our new training program, aiming to provide free, first aid training programs to underserved populations and those disproportionately affected by violence, empowering them to take life-saving action in emergency situations.

Mutual Aid

One of our key Mutual Aid functions is the partnership and sharing of resources with Street Medics Dallas, Austin Mutual Aid, Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center, and other sister organisations in Texas. We also took part in the management and provisioning of critical resources during the Austin Winter Ice Storm, including the coordination of out-of-state volunteers from Capitol Hill Outreach Medics and Denver Antifascist League.