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Restore NYC is a nonprofit organization making freedom real for survivors of trafficking in the United States.

Since 2009, we have pioneered innovative housing, economic empowerment, and counseling solutions that give survivors access to safe homes, sustainable jobs, and improved wellbeing. Our entrepreneurial spirit, paired with a commitment to trauma-informed, survivor-centered, and culturally sensitive care, has made us a leader in the rapidly evolving anti-trafficking field. For all services, we are committed to inter-agency collaboration and rigorous outcome evaluation.

Graduates from Restore's economic empowerment program earn 3X the counterfactual.
Over 90% of survivors exit homelessness and live independently within one year.
1 in 15
1 in 15 foreign-national survivors accessing case management services in the United States via the Department of Health and Human Services receive their care at Restore.
1 night of freedom -- including housing, food, clothing, and needed medicine
15 trauma-sensitive counseling sessions
Job readiness and placement services; increase in average yearly earnings by $20,000


2021 Budget
63%Program Spend
23%Management Spend
14%Fundraising Spend


Housing Program

Restore is a housing leader in New York City anti-trafficking field, employing emergency, transitional, and independent living housing solutions with cross-sector partnerships.

Economic Empowerment Program

Restore's Economic Empowerment Program offers job-readiness classes, job placement, and entrepreneurship training for survivors of trafficking. Restore also launched the nation's first worker-owned cooperative for foreign-national survivors of trafficking. Restore partners with nearly 30 business partners in New York City to provide safe work for survivors.

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