Not For Sale

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We end human trafficking by operating 12 direct service projects around the world in high risk communities, providing education, clean water, health and social support, and housing. Our goal is to prevent human trafficking by creating opportunity for all, because we are Not For Sale.

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MeTa was an orphan, sleeping in orchards and construction sites. At age five, her aunt sent her out to sell flowers. Not For Sale director Kru Nam met MeTa in the square, and they read and wrote every night together. Kru Nam offered MeTa the chance to go to school. She lifted MeTa from the street and changed her life forever. MeTa is the first "stateless" child from mountain tribes to graduate from a Thai University.

30,000 directly served since 2000. Countless indirectly served through enterprise and prevention.


2022 Budget
68%Program Spend
30%Management Spend
2%Fundraising Spend
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