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HomeCare Options is a not-for-profit home healthcare agency whose mission is to assist individuals and families in maintaining a healthy, stable home environment by providing professionally supervised home healthcare and social services to support the individual or family and to ensure quality of life.


It was about seven years ago that Lisa Cadematori was at home leafing through an issue of her local newspaper, Wayne Today, when she came across an article about volunteering as a shopper for elderly homebound patients.

“The article encouraged volunteering for families, for parents to do it with their high school kids,” remembered Lisa. “I was intrigued because I work part-time while raising four kids and I wanted to set a good example for my kids by teaching them that volunteering is a reward in itself, as well as for the person you’re helping, and it sounded like something that I could work around my personal schedule.”

So after making a phone call to HomeCare Options, the 65-year-old Totowa-based home care agency that has run the volunteer shopper program for nearly 20 years, and being interviewed by its director, Lisa was matched with Sally, an elderly woman who lives in Passaic County. Like the other “clients” in the program, Sally found it very difficult to grocery shop on her own after suffering a stroke.

Today, the relationship between Lisa and Sally continues and remains strong. Lisa grocery shops weekly for Sally at the local Shop Rite in Wayne. And, after dropping the groceries off at Sally’s home, she always looks forward to spending time catching up with her. More often than not Lisa is accompanied by one of her children – even though three of the four are now grown and living away from home – her husband, her mother (when she’s back from Florida) and/or her dog, Harper.

“My family all love Sally and love visiting with her,” said Lisa. “We love hearing her stories about how it was growing up here, about dates she went on when she was a teenager. I’m just happy that I can make her happy. I tell her that it’s the best part of my week.”

They typically discuss their take on the latest TV shows – for example, Bachelor in Paradise – and the week’s news events. They chat about their family members.

Sally, who is over 90, feels the same way. “Yes, it’s very nice,” said Sally. “We talk about a number of things. I was so lucky to connect with them.”

Both women are very grateful for the HomeCare Options’ program, which brings together about 60 volunteers and homebound seniors. This includes volunteers who range in age from 14 to over 80 and come from every walk of life.

“It’s really a wonderful program,” added Lisa. “As volunteers, we get as much out of it as she does.”

For more information about the program, call 973-523-1224. Shoppers are needed in many towns throughout Passaic County so all are welcome and encouraged to inquire.

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