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The West Suburban Humane Society (WSHS) is a private, volunteer-based, animal welfare organization that was founded in 1972 as a lost-and-found referral service and in 2020, opened a brand new Adoption Center that can house up to 25 dogs and 60 cats! WSHS is 100% funded by individuals, our business partners and private grants.

The West Suburban Humane Society is dedicated to operating a premier animal shelter for the purpose of finding safe, permanent and compatible homes to adopt domestic dogs and cats. We are committed to educating and encouraging the public to humanely care for dogs and cats.

No Kill Statement - The West Suburban Humane Society is a “no-kill” shelter. A “no-kill” shelter is typically defined by a save rate of 90%. West Suburban’s save rate is 98%. We never euthanize for space or time constraints. By “no-kill”, we mean that once we take an animal into our care, we treat that animal no differently than if it was one of our own pets.

Downers Grove, IL
EIN 23-7355420
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I love this shelter! They really care about the animals in their care. I have fostered for them for several years, and they are responsive and helpful and listen to what I tell them about the animals - both when they are with me, and when I tell them about the needs they will have in their adoptive homes. I have fostered with many shelters, and this is a great one. I have adopted from the shelter as well, and I do recommend it to anyone looking to adopt!

We find homes for, care or or provide supplies for 2,000 animals each month!
Pays for microchip registration for one dog or cat!
Pays for dinner for all of our animals!
Pays for a spay or neuter surgery!


2018 Budget
72%Program Spend
7%Management Spend
20%Fundraising Spend
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