The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice

The Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation For Justice falls under the Human Services N.E.C. category.

The Deskovic Foundation is a New York based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to exonerating the wrongfully convicted both in DNA and non-DNA cases, as well as wrongful conviction prevention. The Foundation was established as a result of Jeffrey Deskovic’s own wrongful conviction at the age of 17 of the rape and murder of a 15 year old girl. Authorities knew his DNA did not match that of the actual perpetrator – who, three years later, went on to murder another young woman and mother of two – but rogue police officers, prosecutors, and other law enforcement personnel knowingly and maliciously accused, prosecuted, and eventually secured his conviction. After his exoneration and release after sixteen years in prison, Deskovic successfully sued the authorities responsible and used a substantial portion of the compensation he was awarded to start the Deskovic Foundation. Deskovic has ded

Bronx, NY
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human services


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