Lori's Hands

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Lori's Hands pairs undergraduate students with individuals living with chronic illness in meaningful, helping relationships.

Ed, a widowed Korean War veteran, has been homebound for more than fifteen years. Lori's Hands volunteers help him with household chores and also spend a part of every visit making conversation and swapping stories. Ed shares that Lori's Hands volunteers are his only consistent friendly visitors and that they have "renewed [his] faith in the youth of America." They've given him something to look forward to again.

92% of clients report that visits from Lori's Hands volunteers improve their quality of life.
Covers the screening costs required to onboard two new volunteers.
Supports training needed to prepare students to volunteer.
Funds outreach efforts to inform more community members about Lori's Hands.


2022 Budget
75%Program Spend
15%Management Spend
10%Fundraising Spend
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