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We transform conflicts so people can live free from violence and realize the benefits of durable peace. We are locally rooted and globally networked. Our unique value lies in the collective impact of our globally integrated team and partners, from those most directly affected by violent conflict in our communities to those with access and influence on the major powers that influence conflict dynamics.

Pelagie, a pioneering female butcher in rural Burundi, challenged societal norms that confined women to household roles with minimal decision-making power. Despite her success, Pelagie faced domestic challenges impacting her entrepreneurial dreams. Seeking resolution, she enrolled in a Common Ground Approach training, emphasizing peaceful dispute resolution for both genders.

Pelagie recalled, "When the trainers emphasized that to help the community, we first needed to resolve the problems at home, it struck a chord with me." Project Tuyage's gender awareness and positive masculinity sessions further empowered her. With newfound skills, Pelagie expanded her business, became a subcontractor for a coffee factory, ventured into soap manufacturing, and managed two stores. She reflected, "Women in our community constantly underestimate themselves, and I was no exception."

Overcoming self-doubt, Pelagie now actively participates in household decisions, holds public office, and manages multiple businesses.

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Search for Common Ground currently works in over 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America.
27 Million
Over 27 million people served in 2022 that are affected by conflict
1 Thousand
We have over 1,000 local partners that we work with
Can provide a child or teen in Mexico with a backpack and school supplies
Can provide one month of food vouchers for families in Sudan
Can provide solar powered street lights for 20 families in Yemen


2022 Budget
83%Program Spend
14%Management Spend
4%Fundraising Spend


Youth & Children

While the world typically views young people as either victims or villains in conflict, we recognize their potential to drive change and transform conflict in their communities.

Our Children and Youth programs employ an innovative, multi-pronged approach, incorporating elements of education, grassroots action, partnerships, and policy. Our initiatives range in topic from civic participation to youth-focused media, leadership training, and sports clinics. In all of our youth projects, we help young people prove to the world that they are changemakers and leaders for peace.

Security Sector Reform

Our programs integrate security sector reform with our core organizational goal of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Our SSR projects include direct engagement with police, military, prison guards, former combatants, and civil society.

Our experience has earned us a reputation for effectively transforming state security institutions into legitimate and democratically accountable vehicles for external and internal security.

Climate & Conflict

Climate and conflict are inextricably related. While everyone is feeling the effects of climate change, in a conflict context this is amplified. On the one hand, climate change and the resulting increased competition for scarce resources is a conflict driver, while at the same time people in conflict affected settings have less means to deal with climate change and build resilience. This inequality is even higher for women and youth, who are disproportionately affected by climate change.

Digital Peacebuilding

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp promised a world of global reach and connection. In reality, internet platforms are dividing us into “Us” and “Them,” causing real world violence.

Most efforts are aimed at stopping the harm. But what if we deployed social technologies to strengthen the bonds between us rather than tear us apart? earch for Common Ground is drawing on its 40 years of peacebuilding experience to harness digital tools to build trust and collaboration.


Over the past 40 years, we have used media to amplify the voices of marginalized people and to support reconciliation and collaboration across dividing lines. Our media inspires new thinking and sparks discussions about the root causes of violence and how to overcome differences.

Through radio, television, theatre, comics, and social media, Search media programs reach 86 million people per year.

Transforming Violent Extremism

We define violent extremism as the choice individuals make to use or support violence to advance a cause based on exclusionary group identities. The particular identity of the perpetrator of violence does not determine what constitutes violent extremism, nor does the nature of the ideology, even if that ideology may be considered radical by many. Rather, violent extremism relates to an individual or group’s violent advancement of an exclusionary ideology, which seeks to eliminate the ‘other’ group, culture, or identity.

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