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Providing the best care for older adults and their families, at home and at our facilities regardless of race, religion or financial ability.

"This place is just wonderful, I rolled in on a stretcher and I'm almost ready to walk out," said Bernie towards the end of his three-week rehab stay at the Jewish Home following a fall exiting a coffee shop. "Pilates! They even worked in Pilates to my routine to make sure I got my whole body moving," he continued. Harriet Surdi, Physical Therapist and Pilates-certified trainer went on to explain, "age is irrevelent when it comes to Pilates, whether someone is recovering from a total joint replacememnt or a spinal surgery or trying to avoid surgery, anyone can benefit."

In 2018 we enabled approximately 800 seniors to successfully transition from hospital to home thanks to our rehab program and 5-star rated facility. With our new Center for Rehabilitiation Excellence we plan to be able to serve 870 seniors each year.
Would pay for three Tai Chi classes for clients at the Gallen Adult Day Center
Would provide a Sabbath meal for twenty five residents
Would cover the cost of four boxing classes for our residents.


2022 Budget
62%Program Spend
15%Management Spend
23%Fundraising Spend
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