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Our mission is to secure a safe and stable climate by accelerating the global transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and a thriving, just, and resilient economy.

C2ES forges practical and innovative solutions to address climate change and engages with leading businesses to accelerate climate progress. Founded in 1998 as the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, C2ES is known worldwide as a thought leader and trusted convener on climate change and energy. We are an independent, nonpartisan organization and consistently rank among the world’s leading environmental policy think tanks in the University of Pennsylvania Global Go To Think Tank Index.

We believe in equitable climate solutions, in ensuring that the benefits of the transition to a net-zero economy are widely shared, and in empowering marginalized and vulnerable populations—who suffer the brunt of a changing climate.

Legislative and administrative progress over the next two years will be crucial in not only meeting our climate goals, but also positioning the United States to lead an accelerating global transition toward a net-zero economy. The U.S. Congress has passed meaningful — and indeed historic — legislation that has the potential to make significant progress on both fronts, yet the scale of the challenge — and opportunity — leaves much to do.

In February 2023, C2ES released a new policy agenda, informed by leading U.S. businesses, to maintain that momentum and advance policies that can serve both climate and economic development objectives.

See the full brief - Reaching for 2023: Climate and Energy Policy Priorities - here:


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Accelerating the US Net-Zero Transition

C2ES works to build broad, durable support for effective and ambitious climate policies, built on partnerships and equity, and anchored in deep understanding among communities, businesses, and policymakers throughout the country of the tangible economic opportunities that the net-zero transition will create.

Supporting the Paris Agreement

C2ES has been deeply involved in the United Nations climate talks for many years, producing expert analysis on issues facing negotiators, and facilitating informal dialogue among key countries.

Building Climate Resilience

In the face of increasing climate impacts, climate resilience is critical for communities and businesses to thrive. C2ES advances new resilience strategies, provides leading policy analysis, and convenes stakeholders around emerging challenges to build broad support for action and make investment in resilience a clear choice for public and private decision-makers.

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