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LavaMaeX is a non-profit accelerator changing the way the world sees and serves our unhoused neighbors.

We’re teaching the world how to take critical services for our unhoused neighbors to the street by providing free toolkits, mentorship and training to communities that want to launch LavaMaeˣ-designed programs such as mobile hygiene.

Everything we do is rooted in our philosophy of Radical Hospitality®— meeting people wherever they are with extraordinary care.

Guest served.
Mobile hygiene programs inspired, mentored, or directly assisted worldwide.
Showers provided.
Makes one hot shower & dignity possible.
Helps us provide fluffy, clean towels for 100 guests.
Wow, 10 people will get showered & rekindle their dignity!


2022 Budget
69%Program Spend
18%Management Spend
13%Fundraising Spend


Mobile Hygiene

What if you couldn't shower when you needed or wanted to? What could you accomplish? How would people treat you?

A shower makes so much possible. Amber's face alone speaks volumes about what it does for your dignity and sense of hope.

Pop-Up Care Villages

By mobilizing dozens of service partners to the street, we dramatically increase access to critical services like showers, haircuts, clothing, medical, dental, employment and more, to help our guests make forward progress.

Replication: sharing our model

Through our open source toolkits, in-depth training and strategic partnerships, Lava Maeˣ is building a worldwide network of providers who take critical services for our unhoused neighbors to the street. To date, we’ve inspired, advised or trained 170 programs in 155 communities worldwide to create mobile hygiene services modeled after ours.

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