Morris Animal Refuge

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Founded in 1858, the Morris Animal Refuge is America's First Animal Shelter. We are committed to adoption, education, and high-quality care.

Furry friends pictured above :

Chucky- a bouncy bulldog mix pupper who spent 6 months at the refuge before finding his perfect home. Our donors allow for us to care for animals for however long it takes to find their perfect match

KatKat - Currently still looking for her forever home, this beautiful green eyed kitty has been at the refuge since November. She's tested positive for FIV, but with a bit of TLC she can have many, many years if purrs and cuddling ahead of her. Donors help us care for animals regardless of condition.

Baby - Adopted in September, this 1 year old Flemish giant rabbit was surrendered by her previous owner and was looking for a new home. She needed a special new person who would give her lots of space to hop and lots of love. Donors help is care for animals regardless of species!

Dexter, a 4 year old pup, was tearfully surrendered one morning by a family that could no longer afford veterinary bills for a serious, undiagnosed skin condition. Dexter is a sweet dog with a happy-go-lucky disposition and an ever wagging tail. Luckily for Dexter, a couple sponsored Dexter's medical tests and care. Dexter has since been adopted by a loving family and now enjoys a new coat of fur!

As an life-saving organization, we are proud to able to care for all types on animals regardless of age, condition, species, or breed. Our save rate for 2019 was 96%!
In 2019, we found forever homes for over 1,100 animals! With continued support, we hope to find homes for even more animals in 2020!
We have over 200 dedicated volunteers that have worked over 3,000 hours at the refuge, helping keep animals happy and healthy while they await their forever home!
Provides food for all meals for one dog for one month
Provides kitten milk replacer and bottles for one litter of orphaned kittens
covers the cost of an intake exam, vaccines, microchip, flea treatment, and wellness testing for one animal


2021 Budget
80%Program Spend
10%Management Spend
10%Fundraising Spend


Life Saver Program

The Life Saver Fund is reserved for animals that need extra or emergency medical care or behavioral rehabilitation prior to adoption. Having this fund available ahead of time means that when an animal comes in that needs a little more TLC, we have the money already set aside to help the animal immediately instead of fundraising separately for each case while the animal waits for care.

Foster Program

Our foster program not only saves the life of the animal that is fostered, but it also opens up space at the refuge for another animal to get the care they deserve. Fosters help shelter puppies and kittens that arrive from other rescues or shelters until they are old enough to be adopted, take in an adult animal that needs recovery time or medical attention, and foster animals that needs socialization or a break from the stresses of a shelter environment.

Enrichment Program

Still in the beginning stages, our animal enrichment program aims to provide a happier and healthier experience for all of our animals while they wait to find their forever homes. So far, we have collected various items in order to add scratching pads and provacy curtains to each cat condo. We have also added speakers to our large dog room and cat rooms to play relaxing music for our animals. With help, we will continue to expand this program to include structured playtime!

Volunteering + Events

Special Events

From Puppy Yoga to Yappy Hour events. From adoption events to fundraisers. We are proud to partner with any different community partners for events throughout the year. Not only does our presence in the community raise awareness for the work we do, but it helps raise funds to help us continue to save lives, and allows us to connect with our supporters outside of the refuge! Email [email protected] if you are interested in hosting an event with us!


Over 200 volunteers have completed over 3,000 hours of work for the refuge in 2019! We are so thankful for our strong support network of volunteers. Whether you want to walks dogs, socialize cats, or jump in on an event, we are always looking for new, dedicated volunteers to join the Morris family. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, visit our website and click the "Get Involved" tab. We hope to see you soon!

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