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Our mission: changing the world by empowering Nepal's children. We do this by providing quality education, a safe environment, and through inspiring others.

Our vision: a world where every child is safe, educated, and loved.

Our journey starts on a dry riverbed in the foothills of the Himalayas, where one young woman decided to help one young girl, hoping to make one small difference. In the blink of an eye – and with a lot of hard work from a lot of people – that hope turned into a home, a school, and a community dedicated to building a world where children are safe, educated, and loved.

free meals provided to Kopila Valley School students in 2022.


2022 Budget
83%Program Spend
11%Management Spend
6%Fundraising Spend


Kopila Valley Children's Home

What does it take to build a home? Mud, bricks, cement, and stones. Love, sweat, trust, and perseverance. It takes all that and so much more. The Kopila Valley Children’s Home opened in 2007, built brick-by-brick by the people of Surkhet and with the help of friends around the world. And while Kopila Valley has grown a lot over the years, this home will always be where the heart is.

Kopila Valley School

We know that education gives kids the power to shape their own futures. That’s why BlinkNow’s Kopila Valley School provides a free, high quality education to over 400 students. With classes in both English and Nepali, our teachers and support staff are making sure that the kids at Kopila Valley have access to the knowledge and resources they need to succeed.

And they’re doing it all in Nepal’s greenest school!


When our students graduate from Kopila Valley School, they are equipped with the best education available in the region and the critical thinking skills they need to navigate their futures. They graduate with the confidence and leadership skills they need to become the future leaders and changemakers within the community. Our Futures Program prepares our students for life beyond the walls of Kopila Valley.

Health & Wellness

In Kopila Valley, health and education go together like two pieces of a puzzle. After opening our school, we realized that kids wouldn’t attend regularly or be able to succeed until they were healthy and nourished – and that they wouldn’t be healthy and nourished until they came to school. That’s why we started the Kopila Valley Health Clinic in 2011. We focus primarily on preventive care, because we’ve also learned that sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.


At Kopila Valley, sustainability isn’t just something we talk about now and again—it’s at the heart of everything we do. We understand how critical it is that all of us learn how to live our lives in a way that cares for our community and the environment we all share. Our young people—like young people all around the world—are leading the way and providing a model for how institutions and organizations can use smart thinking and cutting edge design to build a healthier and more sustainable future.

Women's Center

The Kopila Valley Women’s Center serves the most at-risk and vulnerable women in our community with life-changing vocational and empowerment training. We believe that investing in women and girls creates healthier families, more prosperous communities, and more peaceful nations.

“The world will change when our girls and our women are educated.”

– Maggie Doyne

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