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We aim to reduce youth violence by connecting proven-risk young people with new networks and opportunities, including meaningful career tracks in and beyond personal training. We use the gym to replace segregation, isolation, and systemic racism with economic mobility and social inclusion, disrupting the cycle that leads to urban street violence here in Boston.

Joe spent much of his teen and young adult life in and out of incarceration, stuck in the cycle of street violence. After his last release, Joe was connected with InnerCity Weightlifting and worked to complete his ICW Personal Training Certification. Joe now holds a nationally recognized ISSA certification, and is the Assistant Manager of our Kendall Square training facility. He is a top-earning trainer and for the first time in his life Joe is paying rent, providing for his child, and even taking vacations. Joe plans to leverage ICW’s support in the near future to achieve a college degree and save up for a car.

In 2018, for every dollar donated towards the program, we had a 4.8x return in "value" - a metric derived from savings generated by reducing incarceration rates and promoting employment and higher wages for students.
In 2019, ICW served 194 students.
of our students avoided new arrests in 2019.


2022 Budget
77%Program Spend
11%Management Spend
12%Fundraising Spend


Corporate Group Workouts

Student trainers, accompanied by our elite coaches, are dedicated to getting your employees in shape, while having a great time. Give the gift of wellness, while giving back to your community.

Personal Training

Get a custom workout through our semi-private personal training sessions. Get fit, change lives, change your own.

Volunteering + Events

Summer Workout Series

ICW hosts a series of summer workouts for all ages, tailored to all fitness levels. It is a great way to bring the community together, get outside and get some exercise!

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