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Doc Wayne was founded in 2002 by Susan Wayne, the former President of Justice Resource Institute, in memory of her brother Eli (Doc), and his belief in using sport as a medium for positive youth development. In 2010, Doc Wayne became an independent non-profit organization. Our mission is to fuse sport and therapy to heal and strengthen at-risk youth. Over time, as individuals and in teams, they learn to heal together, grow together, and win together.

"I received his progress report which is positive, probably because his confidence is way up...seems like that's from Doc Wayne! He loves the 1:1 time with the coaches. He feels like he learns a lot of skills." - Doc Wayne Parent

81% of parents indicated that Doc Wayne has had a positive impact on their child!
Provides a DW coach with a bag of sports equipment to utilize at sport-based group therapy sessions!
Sends a Doc Wayne student home with one of our unique "Playbooks", so they can practice their skills off the court, too!
Helps cover transportation costs so DW coaches can travel to more schools/communities to meet students where they are!


2021 Budget
78%Program Spend
11%Management Spend
11%Fundraising Spend


Chalk Talk®

Our Chalk Talk® program reimagines group therapy through the lens of sport using an evidence and trauma-informed curriculum. Coaches use team sports like soccer, basketball, and flag-football to teach youth important life skills like teamwork, communication, confidence, and resilience!

Therapeutic Mentoring

Our Therapeutic Mentoring (TM) program provides an additional opportunity for students to improve their mental and behavioral health while building supportive relationships with trusted adults. Therapeutic Mentoring provides structured, one on one, strength-based support services for the purposes of addressing needs and building skills.

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