Hope & Comfort

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We distribute essential hygiene products to support and improve the health, self-esteem, and hygiene education of youth in Greater Boston.

A Boston Public School student we serve: “Thank you for the hygiene kit. I love the shampoo, it smells nice in my hair, and it makes me feel happy. I love the toothpaste and toothbrush. I used to be embarrassed to smile because my teeth were yellow, now I can smile with my white teeth. The toothbrush really cleans out the dirt, and I brush my teeth at night now. I love the hygiene kit.”

Hope and Comfort will distribute 500,000 hygiene products in 2019 alone, reaching an estimated 50,000 Greater Boston kids.
A month's supply of hygiene products to 5 kids!


2022 Budget
96%Program Spend
1%Management Spend
3%Fundraising Spend
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