First Book

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First Book makes new books and resources affordable and available to the kids and educators who need them most.

"The poverty here is unimaginable. The kids don't even begin to know, unless they're reading, what kinds of jobs they might have, where they might go to school because all they know is this area. I know I'm making a difference here, and I know that First Book is making a difference here. I feel like every time I put a book in a child's hands, I'm give them a future."

- Jill Bots, Los Molinos, CA

5 million
5 million children reached annually, through a network of more than 450,000 educators.
A new book for a child in need
New books for a whole classroom
New books and educational resources for a library


2022 Budget
96%Program Spend
2%Management Spend
2%Fundraising Spend
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