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Dressember Foundation is an anti-human trafficking nonprofit organization with an annual campaign where thousands of people commit to wearing either a dress or a tie every day in December as a way to raise money and awareness for this issue. Through participation in Dressember, you'll meet others passionate about this issue, discover key players and organizations, learn innovative strategies based on new data, and find your voice and path as an advocate. 

In seven years, our community of advocates has raised over $10MM toward comprehensive anti-trafficking work across the US and across the world.
Provide one hour of trauma-focused therapy for a survivor of cybersex trafficking
Cover trial fees for one court case to defend a child who experienced sexual abuse
Provide a month of home visits for over 90 at-risk children in Thailand


2022 Budget
70%Program Spend
11%Management Spend
19%Fundraising Spend



We believe education and awareness are critical entry points for ending human trafficking. Dressember educates hundreds of thousands of people per year on the realities of human trafficking and with your help, we are also resourcing empowerment programs that support young people living in group homes, foster care, and at-risk communities. These programs provide education, skills training, and counseling services.


We resource local nonprofits to identify and free people who have been trafficked. Our partners work with front line workers (law enforcement, transportation authorities, hotel and casino employees) to safely intervene. Dressember also enables investigations that provide legal support to victims.


We know that every survivor deserves unique, individualized treatment. Survivors receiving care from Dressember’s local partners are provided with access to housing, medical treatment, as well as individualized trauma therapy, vocational opportunities, mentorship, and education. These holistic aftercare programs are critical for recovery and decreasing the possibility of re-victimization.

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