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🎓Empowering First-Generation Students

First-generation college students face a unique set of obstacles ranging from academic, professional, financial, to psychological. While first-generation students are just as intelligent and hardworking as their non first-generation peers, they tend to lack necessary resources, making it harder for them to navigate the complex college system. Almost half of first-generation students attend community college, compared to 25% of students from college-educated parents. Additionally, as much as 89% of first-generation college students that come from low-income households leave college after six years without completing their degrees.

These nine organizations may be the difference between attending college or not and graduating for many first-gen students. Questbridge matches eligible students to full-ride scholarships, increasing the percentage of talented low-income and first-generation students attending the nation’s best colleges. Nonprofits like LEAP for Education, Bottom Line, First Graduate, Yonkers Partners in Education provide financial and academic counseling to students. Get involved in eliminating barriers to education by supporting these great nonprofits.

Quest Scholars Program

Palo Alto, CA

Leadership program for talented low-income youth providing access to higher education.

National College Advising Corps Inc

Raleigh, NC

National College Advising Corps Inc falls under the Student Services category: Organizations that provide services, facilities and programs that support student needs, foster student learning and personal development, create a healthy and diverse community, and enrich student life.

LEAP for Education

Salem, MA

LEAP's mission is to empower underserved and first-generation-to-college students to succeed in education, career and life.

First Graduate

San Francisco, CA

We are a 10-12 year program that coaches San Francisco students to become the first in their families to graduate from college ready to pursue careers that are meaningful to them!

The Posse Foundation Inc

New York, NY

The Posse Foundation Inc falls under the Scholarships & Student Financial Aid category: Organizations that enable students who demonstrate financial need to obtain the financial assistance they require to meet their educational and living expenses while in school.

Bottom Line

Boston, MA

Bottom Line helps first-generation students from low-income backgrounds get into college, graduate, and go far in life.

Yonkers Partners in Education

Yonkers, NY

YPIE partners with students to ensure they are ready for, enroll in, and complete college.

Lets Get Ready Inc

New York, NY

Let’s Get Ready provides free SAT prep, admissions counseling, and post-enrollment mentoring to students from low-income backgrounds and who are first-generation-to-college. Our peer-driven program is administered by highly trained and highly effective college students who mentor younger students to and through college.


New York, NY

Imentor falls under the Youth Development Programs category: Programs that provide opportunities for children and youth to participate in recreational, cultural, social and civic activities through membership in clubs and other youth groups with a special focus whose purpose is to help youngsters develop their potential and grow into healthy, educated, responsible and productive adults.

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